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dvance education Centre (London) operates a Supplementary education through teaching and learning for ages 11 - 14.
We deliver exam practice classes to pupils age 14-16 years.
We cater for pupils who are on a waiting list to gain admission into mainstream school setting.
Our supplementary school- help to support and generate fund to the charity in order to meet our aims and objectives and this is run by our group of volunteers.
It offers extra tuition to all ages and can be accessed by all,we aim to significantly contribute to the well-being and self esteem of all children in the community.
We support homeschooling children's education as well as social and physical development. Please note that your child must be registered as home-schooled
with the local authority.
We have been able to cater for pupils from the pru before or after referral:- we use this setting as an alternative measure to help them gain self self confidence and recognize their identity as good and able citizens.
The Local council may wish to use this service as a first step measure - to offer and introduce a new educational setting to help boost their education.

supplementary school time table

session 1 :

10:00 am - 1:00 pm

3 - 4 subjects per day

Monday: Maths English Science

Tuesday: Maths English Science
Wednesday: Maths English Science
Thursday: Maths English Geography
Friday: History Art Citezenship
Please note that, if you attend the morning sessions, you are not eligible for the noon session!

session 2:

2 -3 subjects per day 2.00pm - 5:00 pm

Safeguarding is every body's business!
We share information with external agencies where safeguarding concerns are eminent and would also seek to do so should
we have a concern about a pupil.