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Opportunities and benefits:

Advance Education has an inclusive approach towards every member of the community. It offers broader academic opportunities such as free Numeracy and Literacy functional skills sessions for adults with English as additional language free of charge, homework club for less able children, advance classes for gifted and talented children along with a range of extracurricular activities to help all learners achieve the maximum expectations in the areas they are most interested in e.g Art, Public Speaking, dance, drama and sport activities.

To encourage an inclusive curriculum for children from various socio-economic background, Advance Education offers:

  • Support for orphans such as free afterschool club and tuition fees exemption) – (3 orphans on roll). Criteria must be met through screening
  • Family discount for children with more than one sibling
  • Maths and English Functional skills for Adults – Free of charge (18 on roll)
  • Literacy and Numeracy classes for adults – Free of Charge (12 on roll)
  • Promoting healthy food and healthy living classes for children and adults
  • Organising regular sport activities by encouraging young children and adult to participate in variety of sports e.g cross-country/basketball/table tennis.
  • Arranging community get together such as regular family fun day and bazar.


Every child in the community has access to the same educational opportunities regardless of their social economic background. Advance Education promotes an inclusive curriculum design approach that takes into account the learner’s educational, cultural and social background and experience. This holistic approach provides equality for both learning and teaching and benefits all parties involved.

Equal Opportunity:

Advance Education caters for all members in the community irrespective of their background. Children are likely to recognise each other differences such that everyone is different and unique in their own ways. Children are encouraged to learn and share their experience with one another through respect and tolerance. Advance Education is a budget friendly organisation in comparison to other private tuitions. Advance Education is an organisation where the community profits and funds are re-invested directly in the establishment to provide for the needs of children and staff and effectively utilising resources to meet the objectives of the mission and objective of the organisation. Pupils not discriminated in any form and especially because of their academic abilities, economic or cultural background, or disability. This ensures that everyone within the community has an equal access to the range of educational opportunities.


Advance Education has a greater value in safeguarding children, therefore teachers are recruited through Ofsted affiliated apprenticeship boding, and are trained to a high level standard. This guarantees the required knowledge and skills in safeguarding and helping promote British values and preventing radicalisation and extremism.

Advance Education is a registered charity and Ofsted regulated. It offers both full time and part time education. In order to maintain a very high standard of education, our pupils are assessed on a weekly basis to monitor progress in each topic. We adhere to the ofsted regulations and framework for independent schools.
Advance Education is situated in Brent and is widely known in the community due to its standard spread by word of mouth.


£40 registration fee is required (non-refundable) £200 deposit and a maximum of £500 deposit for more than one child. The 1st child pays £2400 yearly or £200 monthly with a final payment of £400 in July. The 2nd child/more siblings pays £2160 yearly or £180 monthly with a final payment of £360 in July.

A child can not be withdrawn within the summer term , however a notice must be given in writing that the child will not be returning in the following academic year and the full summer term fee must be paid for August in full.

The law requires parent to take responsibility to make sure that they attend school regularly.If this does not happen, the parent may be committing an offense and the school will take action referring to the local authority to take action on the third day of absence.

In order to be entitled to a full refund of deposit, a terms' written notice is required. Please note that payments are non-refundable once a space is guaranteed should you decide to change your mind after registration as the above conditions apply regardless of what circumstances.